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past work: other state explores the cultural predicament of our times – racism. Focusing on how those impacted, specifically Black Americans, live and in many cases thrive in spite of its insidious legacy, this project is an examination and celebration of the human spirit. It is also a thought-provoking model of how artistry, media and the desire to inform can be a creative tool for social change.

Forty African-Americans representing a range of backgrounds, incomes, occupations and cultures, age five to eighty, were interviewed for the project. By documenting the spectrum, a collection of narratives representing the embodiment of Blackness, rich in depth and scope emerged. other state provides an intimate view of the vestiges of racism in business, academics, the media, social and familial settings from those who have lived the experience – the truth tellers. other state is a sanctuary for discourse. Those with sincere interest are given a point of entry for an honest exchange with people who have authentic experiences navigating society’s most difficult terrain.

other state is available for exhibitions as a site-specific multimedia installation or as a documentary. Corporations, social justice and educational institutions can utilize the thought-provoking piece to initiate dialogue or augment in-house initiatives. Interactive workshops that focus on leadership development are also available.

Those who experienced other state were offered the opportunity to share their stories regarding the exhibit, a racist incident or the experience of otherness in the video booth on site. Watch the video booth below for a few of the responses.

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